Mac or Windows

Mac or Windows

Gone are the days when you only had one choice. Now you can choose to get yourself a Mac and there’s not a problem about being able to run your favourite Windows programs.

Thanks to a piece of software called Parallels.

What’s that all about? I hear you say…

Imagine turning on your Mac and after you boot you decide you want to open a program that is only able to be run on Windows. No problems, just fire up Parallels and then choose the alternate operating system you would like.

It’s like running Windows as a program inside your Mac environment.

And even better it’s not just restricted to running only Windows. You can literally run multiple copies of other operating systems ( as long as you own that software ) for example you can run Windows 7 alongside of Windows XP and even Linux. You could for example let each user have their own “Virtual Machine” thereby keeping each others stuff private from each other and no one “broken” operating system ( let’s say it get hit by a virus for example ) will affect the others.

Parallels…. Available from the App store.

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