iTunes – Keeping it clean

Ever wanted to have all your iTunes music stored in the once place instead of having folders here and there and all over the shop? When it comes to backing up your library onto an external hard drive there’s nothing more annoying than having to backup a whole bunch of folders because you just don’t know where the files are.


It’s actually easier than you think. ( And this is really useful for when you upgrade your computer and want to move all your iTunes stuff from one machine to another – But more on this in another Facebook post )

The first thing you need to do is “arrange” your library.

Open iTunes, at the top of the screen click on iTunes and then on preferences, then on advanced.

You will notice two selection boxes, they should both be ticked, if not, tick them.

“Keep iTunes media organized” and “Copy files to iTunes media folder when adding to library”

From now on, every time you add files or folders to the library, no matter where you are copying them from the media library will now contain a copy of those files. So in theory, you could plug in a media stick with files on it and after it is removed it won’t matter because ( if you have imported them ) the files will already be added to your computer.

That’s it….. (-;

Oh yeh…. here’s a photo – ( coz that’s what you were expecting right? (-;



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