IncrediMail and Bigpond

IncrediMail and Bigpond.


So you’re trying to setup IncrediMail and you have a bigpond account, Your account is NOT “POP3” enabled and even though you have hunted high and low you just can’t find how to enable POP3 on your bigpond account. Because of that IncrediMail simply wont work because without POP3 being enabled, you will never be able to “pop” ( Download ) your emails.

To make matters worse, every time you try to setup your bigpond account the wizard in IncrediMail kicks in and you have no control over the settings. In short – you just can’t set up your email…

Here’s a little trick that will enable you to set up your Bigpond email using Imap and avoid having to use the “wizard”.

Open IncrediMail and click on tools, then email accounts. It’s at this point as you type the email address out that the wizard will take over. This is what we DON’T want because with the wizard running you have no control over choosing IMAP or POP3.

The answer here is so simple, just type in the email address without using the exact wording “bigpond”. It’s the use of “bigpond” that makes the wizard kick in. Instead, use this…. “” the use of bigp”i”nd confuses the wizard which promptly drops out allowing you to add the new email address manually. ( including being able to choose “POP3″ or”IMAP”.)

Once you have added the account you can go back and adjust the settings to suit. Changing the bigpind to bigpond.

How cool is that !

Just in case you don’t have the settings, here they are. ( up to date as of 3rd August 2016 )


Your name Enter your name as you’d like it appear in emails you send.
Account type IMAP
Incoming server details
  • Server address
  • Port
  • Encrypted connection
Outgoing server details
  • Server address
  • Port
465 (recommended) OR 587
  • SMTP authentication
  • Encrypted connection
SSL/TLS on port 465 (recommended) OR STARTTLS on port 587
Username Enter your full email address (ending in ‘’ or ‘’ or ‘’)
Password Enter your Telstra email account password which will be case-sensitive.
Other settings to check Ensure the checkbox is ticked for ‘Outgoing server requires authentication’.

(In most mail clients this is not ticked by default)


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