Disabled Devices

Peek a boo – I can ( can’t ) see you…
I had a customer come in a few days ago with a problem that was doing his head in.. ( hand’s up if you can relate to that ).
Some time ago Dennis ( more info about him later in this post ) had a sound device on his computer ( you know the little red light that hooks up to the sound system – the fibre optic one ) well the problem was this, he could only use… his pc to listen to music if the Monitor was turned on – what a waste of electricity that was ). But this wasn’t normal because he used to be able to choose the SPIF device and listen to his music through his entertainment unit. Now though.. the SPIF was missing.
Then along came Ron… (-;
Every time he went into “Audio devices” in the control panel the device he was looking for was “missing”, so how could he fix it if it wasn’t there….
It all turned out to be quite easy.
Here’s what we did..
When you are in sound devices in the control panel there is an option to display disabled devices, I simply turned that on. Found the device and then “enabled” it.
Now when he’s not at 4 x 4 heaven ( there’s a plug ) he’s at home listening to his favourite music…
Check out the picture attached it shows where to find “disabled devices” so you can enabled them. As a rule – don’t hide disabled devices..
Dennis owns and operates 4 x 4 heaven (  http://www.4×4-heaven.net/ )

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