Recycle recycle recycle

Laptop battery recycling now at Quick Solve Computers.

Ok Guys and Gals, just letting you know that if you are looking for somewhere to take your old used laptop batteries for recycling, then look no further than us.

We are located at Shop 1, 53 York Street Beenleigh and we are happy to take your old laptop batteries off your hands.

We carefully dismantle your old laptop batteries, test for bad cells, recycle any good cells and ensure that the dead cells end up at the proper recycling centre to be disposed of correctly.

The plastics and the circuitry get sent to the right place too.

Old laptop batteries can leak, and if disposed of incorrectly ( like dropping them in the bin ) can get punctured, short out and even catch fire.

They should be recycled, and we can help.

Laptop battery recycling Beenleigh, it’s just one more thing we do.

Over to you (-;

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