Minecraft Server

Quick Solve Computers Minecraft Survival Server.
( Flight Enabled ) ( minecraft.quicksolve.com.au )

Minecraft Server

Did you know that we host a Minecraft Online Server ?

At the moment we are running running the spigot version 1.16.5 on it.

Our Minecraft server address is minecraft.quicksolve.com.au

Our Minecraft server was born in the beginning of 2023.

This is what our server spawn area looks like from a distance :


From here you can have a look around.

You can’t build or tamper with anything inside the spawn area but when you are ready to build, simply venture off the island and it’s there that your adventure begins.

You can fly on this server or just look for the bridge and cross it.

Inside the spawn area you will find signs that will give you hints and reminders on what you can do while on our server.

Here’s a list of what you can type in and what those commands will do.

This command instantly teleports you back to the spawn building.

/sethome home ( use any name here – you can set Ten homes )

You are allowed Ten homes, using /sethome and then a home name means you can save Ten “homes” or actual locations. For example you might want to save your main home plus some more in other locations too.

/delhome home ( you can delete a home if you choose to move house )

/fly ( you can fly on this server )

/mail ( our Minecraft server has it’s own little inter-player mail system. Type in /mail for more help on that one.

/tpa ( Usage is /tpa playername ) This sends a “request” to the player you have mentioned asking them permission to teleport to them. Helpful when there is a bunch of friends who want to meet up.

/tpaccept ( this is what you type in if someone uses /tpa and your name. Only if you accept their request.

/kit tools ( each player can get a little help along the way if needed ) Your basic “kit of tools” can be requested from time to time which will give you some basic tools and a loaf of bread.

//wand ( The wand is used to claim land – which you have to do if you want to make sure strangers can’t build in your “area” ) It’s a bit like buying a block of land. Then only you can build on it. Just type in /rg and press enter, it will show you the options available for that command.

/region claim area name ( you choose the area name ) First you will need to use the wand to “mark” your area. Left click with the wand ( a wooden axe ) in one corner and then right click with the wand in the other corner. Don’t forget, you are working three dimensionally so one click should be much lower than the other. Imagine a cube. Not only are you going from one corner to the next, you are also going up levels too. This is important if you build a building, you not only want to protect the ground level, but also the roof too. Yes you can even go under ground. Good for when you find a really good mine.

/randomtp Feel like teleporting to some random place in our world. Use this command to warp to a random location.

/back After you die or are teleported away somewhere, this will take you straight back to where you were a moment ago.

/help ( this will give you lot’s more help on lots more stuff you can do..)

If you need help or advice, just ask for help.

Another way to jump straight to a building enabled area is to try the /randomtp command.

From ronaldbell2012 and Quick Solve Computers, we hope you enjoy your time playing on our Minecraft server.

Hope to see you online on our online Minecraft Server (-;


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