Book in a job

This is how we work…

Once a job has been booked in, the average waiting time is around 2 to 3 days for a tech to have a look at your machine.

That can vary sometimes depending on our work load at the time.

Once we have looked at your job, one of our techs will call you to discuss the cost and the anticipated job time.

If we spend all day taking phone calls from people looking for updates on the job, it only slows us down.

Please let us call you when we have some news.

If you choose to go ahead with the job based on the amount quoted, then that is all you will need to pay when the job is completed.

If you choose for whatever reason not to go ahead, then a $35 quote fee would apply.



Would you like to save some time when you come in to book in your job ?

When you come in we will be asking you about the job required and confirming or getting your personal details – Name address phone number etc.

If you fill in the information now, when you come in all you need to do is tell us you have “pre booked” the job in and we can get all the info from your email ( from this form ). It will help to speed up the process, you’ll be in and out before you know it…

Ok then, here’s the form – go for it….

    Your Name (required)

    Your full address

    Your Email (required)

    Your Mobile Number

    Type of machine e.g., PC or Mac or laptop etc

    The brand of your machine

    The model of your machine - only if you know it )

    Please explain what's wrong with your machine. ( use point form so we can address each problem individually )

    You can choose from these items too if you like.

    Suspected VirusScreen ReplacementKeyboard ReplacementPower Socket ReplacementAntivirus Software UpdateComputer is slowSoftware setup - See notesFresh Load - no dataBackup and reloadMigrate data from old to new

    Do you currently do backups or have a backup solution ?

    Do you have a surge protector for your computer ?



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