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I have been trusting my business and private computer web services and repairs with Ron Bell and Quicksolve Computers for more than 10 years and I will never go anywhere else. Why would I, they are the best. The service I receive today, is as good as the day I first decided to do business with Ron. If you are looking for web-hosting, computer repairs, IT or equipment sales, In fact anything computing, Quicksolve is your answer. Simple as that!

Brendan Junge – Inmotion Health & Fitness.


Ron is the most helpful and patient person in the world. There is nothing he will not do to help and get everything working as it should be and I never have to worry about getting ripped off because that just won’t and can’t happen with Quick Solve Computers. I couldn’t be happier with the work and service.

Thank you.

Jeff Welton – Yatala Hydraulic & Hose Service.


I wish to thank you for the great job you’ve done from start to finish and yes I am happy with my hard drive replacement and the documents that have been salvaged. I have mentioned your business to others so I hope that you may get new clients in the future.

As for back ups? I haven’t got any external hard drive as yet and wouldn’t mind finding out what you’d suggest to back my files up with.

Again apologise for the late reply. But thank you immensely for the job your team has done.


John Konefal


You guys did a very good job on my desktop repair. No problems since and very friendly staff.
Easy to talk to, so thank you again for your work. Very much appreciated.

Dale Walklate.


I am an invalid pentioner, aged 67 years, I have worked in the electrical, technical communication and telecomminications area for 33 years, unfortunately I had to retire from work in this working environment due to ill health. I purchased my first digital computer in 2008 and in 2010 I was lucky enough to encounter Ron Bell – Quick Solve Computers in York St Beenleigh. As we all have – I have had minor and major problems on my computers. Ron and his capable staff have helped me either over the phone or in the office to my uppermost satisfaction.  All jobs they have done for me have been to my satisfaction. Within budget and time, they have met my expectations and exceeded them

Phillip Collins


The staff at Quick Solve computers, are always available to help with repairs and  technical issues concerning  computers, wether they be laptops, desktop, Mac’s, tablets, software, etc. I have been a client of this company for near on 14 years, and have always found them to be honest, very reliable, and available with on line tech support. Ron is a man of his word, he treats all his clients with respect, clients are kept up to date as to the progress of their computers repairs, as the business names states, Quick Solve. Ron is very passionate with his profession, and in teaching others in how to do particular tasks, to make any issues easier for his customers.

The world we live in now with computers, whether its on a personal level or for business, Quick solve resolves any issues one may have. In my business I need a company that is true to there word, and am more than satisfied. Ron has done so much for my business, even when I lost all data, he was able to assist, and I am very grateful.

Your sincerely

Josie E


I’ve renewed bullguard for another year and thank you for your introduction to it.
I would like to thank Ron and the crew for the last upgrade for my computer it works like a dream. I’m testing the ultra durability
of the gigabyte mother board with extra run time, it’s a brilliant cpu with it’s virtual core system. I haven’t got the graphics cards
done yet but had found them on the internet for playing high definition star trek games that I could give as episodes to the star trek collective.

Thank you team you are all brilliant.

Carl Thomson


When I brought you my computer to Clear Windows 10 you knew  almost instantly knew what we wanted. Then completed the job much sooner than expected. We are glad we were shopping next door and found you. We are very pleased with the service and promptness as we were using excessive data  and needed to stop problem quickly which is what happened once you guys did whatever you did. I know I phoned your office to thank you for your quick response and fixing our problem but thought an email would be good too.

Roy Sargent


The staff were extremely friendly and professional. Christina was excellent, even allowing us to collect the job outside of store hours as she was working back. Ron took the time to ensure he understood exactly what we needed in a computer and then matched our needs very quickly. I apologise for forgetting the technician’s name but, as with all the other staff, she was very efficient and kept in contact with me throughout.

Marie Cooper

English/French Teacher



Honestly we could not be more happier with Quick Solve – after 10 years in business we have finally found a company big enough to deal with yet small enough to give great one to one service.

Kind regards


Metro Certification Services


Ron, this was my first experience with your shop.Wanted to give some feedback. I was certainly happy with the work you did on my laptop. It is so refreshing to have a person that does the job well, but gives a VERY FAIR charge to his client. You quoted me a figure to do the work, got it all right and when all finished charged me LESS. This shows me why you have been in business for over 20 years and still keep impressing customers.I can say that I have found my computer person that I’m comfortable with. I’ll definitely be back when looking to upgrade/buy more equipment.

Garry Willmott


Hi Ron,

Thanks for the work on my lap top.

It is going like a charm and I am very happy, like a kid with a brand new
laptop. You do very good work.


Colin Hay


Regarding the repair to my screen on my Hp computer,

I was expecting when I brought it in that you guys would probably tell me that it was just too old, not worth fixing and only end up just trying to sell me a new machine.

But that was not the case….

You took it in, diagnosed it, fixed it and all for only $ 115.00. It works like a treat !!

Thank you so much, from now on I will only see you guys for my computer repairs.

John Maughan.




Hi guys,

Just a HUGE thank you for whatever you did to my computer over the past few days since dropping it off to you in complete frustration.  It is much faster now and is connecting to the internet too, woohoo!

Sharon Farrow.


Hi Ron

Just a quick note to say thank you for fixing my computer.  Everything is working well now.  I really appreciate how quickly you fixed it.  Thank you again for being so clever!

Stay happy and well

Kind regards



Hi Ron,

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and Sharon for all of your help with my computer. I know I was demanding at times, but you both really helped to make this whole situation less painful and at the end of it I received a fantastic product. I hope you both have a great day and thanks again. You are both awesome.


Sam Powdrell



Hi Ron

Just wanted to let you know that my computer is behaving and you made an excellent diagnosis today with the increased RAM.

Thanks for your help


Maxiflex P/L


I was very happy with the job you did as I was thinking I’d lost all of my info so it was great that you could salvage it all for me.  I must learn how to back up my computer in case it ever happens again.

Ross Withers


Thank you Ron. Everything has been fine since you fixed it and I have taken your advice and I back up everyday so I shouldn’t be having any emotional meltdowns in your store again any time soon.

And I told everyone at university how fantastic you were and gave them your cards.

Thank you so much for your help, if anything else pops up I will come straight to you.

Caitlin Knapper


Hi Ron, I know I keep saying it but I do intend to ‘one day’ bring down my computer as it desperately needs a tune up. I know your hours now and being open on a Saturday is a huge bonus as I start at 6:30am mon to fri. I can’ t carry the computer around in the car with me until you open as I am working over at crestmead.

Congratulations on your move. I’m sure you will certainly make it big in the IT industry.

Some points customers see about your business:

1: you are very thorough and attention to detail

2: care enough to educate computer illiterate people about their computer and gadgets so it makes their computer usage hassle free and less work for you to fix later therefore, less charges to the customer.

3: You investigate what the customer ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ then determine the best product/hardware/software to meet that.

4: you are not dodgy giving a customer something just to make money

5: you have expertise and highly knowledgeable in your specialty.

6: you consult with the customer and let them know how things are going with their computer

7: you understand people can’t do without their computer for lengths of time so you bend over backwards to get it fixed quickly

8: yes getting a computer fixed isn’t cheap but your prices aren’t over priced and there is no substitute for quality!

9: You are honest and straight forward even if the customer doesn’t like what they hear rather than bullshit to them

10: You are a funny little man with a wicked sense of humour and a cheeky smile (hahaha)

Elizabeth Darlington.


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