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Wanting to get an idea on what it might cost to have a repair done ?

The form below may help in getting you a price for your job but please bare in mind each job is different and the best way to get an accurate price, is for one of our technicians to look at the machine first and come back to you with a fixed price quote.

Here’s how it all works.

You book in your machine for a repair quote and that process costs $35.00. Normally within one to two days, one of our technicians will have a look at your job, figure out what it needs to get it working again or repair it as required and then we make contact with you to discuss the options available and the price. If you decide to let us go ahead with the job then the $35.00 quote fee no longer applies. You only pay the price we both agreed on. No you dont have to pay the quote fee upfront because if you give us the go ahead, then the quote fee no longer applies.

Then normally with one to two days after that, your job is ready to go. Remember though, every job is different. Some are quicker and some are slower.

Don’t worry though we’ll do the best we can to keep you in the loop.

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