Remote tech support

Remote tech support when you need it…. as in Now!!



[ Prepaid Remote Tech Support $ 120.00 p/hr ]


Become a remote tech support customer by purchasing a prepaid block of Telephone tech support.

You get help when you need it instead of having to wait for someone to arrange a time to come out to see you.

Quick Solve Computers uses remote access software to assist with tech support. Windows or Apple Mac – it doesn’t matter.

Once you have pre-paid for an hour of telephone tech support you will receive priority telephone – remote access tech support via remote access.

Telephone tech support is purchased in one hour blocks at a cost of $120 per hour.

You only use up the time you are connected for. So for example if you have paid an hour of support and our session with you only uses up 15 mins – then that’s all that gets “used up”.

Potentially your “hour” can last a really long time…. (-;

You can request a report of all time used and how much time is remaining at any time.

How does remote tech support work?

Simply visit the remote access website by either clicking here  or by clicking on the little rocketship below.

[ In case you are wondering the address is ] but you can just click the image if you like.


Each “session” has a unique password, ( we’ll tell you what that is over the phone )

You will be prompted to download a small application ( don’t worry it only takes a few seconds ) Once you run it, you can then share access to your desktop.

Don’t worry it’s safe, no one can login to your machine without you typing in the code, so it’s you that creates the connection not us.

It’s interactive too, so both of us have control together. You show us what you are having troubles with and we sort it all out over the internet – and you get to watch ! ( This is a great way to learn )

Simple hey ? – Interested ? – just give us a call – we are ready when you are.

Don’t forget…

Telephone tech support is purchased in one hour blocks at a cost of $120 per hour. 

You will need to have a telephone tech support account with us first. ( We can arrange this on the phone when you call if you don’t have an account setup as yet )

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