Cpanel – Managing your email accounts.

So, you host your website and emails with us and you are looking to administer your own email hosting account, well good for you (-;

It’s way more easy than you might think. Here’s a whole bunch of examples and instructions on how to do just that.

First, let’s log in to cpanel. That’s the program that you use to add email addresses, adjust mail box sizes, change passwords, delete old email address and much much more.

You can follow this link, or you can just use your own website and add the “/cpanel” bit to the end of your address.


Here’s what you will be presented with.

Use your Username and password ( provided to you when you signed up with us ), then click on “log in”

Here’s what you will be presented with.

Under the “Email” heading on the right, near the bottom you will see an “Email Accounts” button, simply click on that.

Here’s what you will be presented with.

The top of this page allows you to create new email addresses and set the limits for that account and create a password also.

To administer an existing account ( including passwords and limits etc ) simply scroll down.

Here’s what you will be presented with.

Each line on the left shows an existing email account ( our examples have been faded out, yours will be clearly visible ). On the right you can adjust passwords, quotas and much more.

It doesn’t get any harder than that !

For instructions on how to set up your newly created email accounts on your Computer, Laptop, phone or tablet follow this link.

Don’t forget to log out when you have finished. (-;





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