For Sale

Currently at Quick Solve Computers, we have a range of accessories for sale.

The list below, is a short description of what’s on offer.

Pop in and say hi…. If we don’t have what you are looking for we can probably order it in…..

8 Port Surge Protectors


6 Port Power Boards


Twin Port USB power adapters


Windup USB Chargers


Bullguard Internet Security


Trend Maximum Security


Trend Internet Security




8gb Micro Usb


8Gb Usb


16Gb Usb


32Gb Flash Drive Duo


Micro Usb Adapters


Micro Usb Adapters Coloured


32Gb USB Pens


Ext Backup Drives


Cordless Mice


Cordless Mice


Cordless Mice


Cordless Mice








MP3 Players


Multiport Usb Car Chargers


4 Port USB Hubs


USB to PS2 Adapters


PS2 To USB Adapters


7 Port USB Hubs


Multi Type USB Charger Cables


USB Analogue Video Capture


USB To Serial Adapters


PCI Wifi Cards


PCIE Wifi Cards






Keyboard & Mouse Combos


Wifi KB & MS Combos


USB Keyboards


Media Centres / Players



Mouse / Wrist Pads


USB Number Pads


Thermal Paste


Case Cooling Fans


5 Port Switches



8 Port Switches


Wireless Range Extenders


Range Extending Antennas


Ethernet Over Power


ADSL 2 + Modem Routers


1Gb Video Cards


2Gb Video Cards


Card Reader – Hub – Samsung


On the go – card reader – samsung


On the go connection kit – apple


Usb to Ipod


Hard Drive Caddies


Power Supplies


Blanks Dvd’s


Network Cables


USB 3 to USB 2


USB Wifi


USB Cables


USB Bluetooth


HDMI Cable Joiners


KVM Switches




Laptop Bags


—– :- Second Hand Stuff On Offer – While Stock lasts -: —–

Second Hand and New games and DVD’s


Second hand Barcode Readers


Second Hand / New PS3 Games


Second Hand Monitors


Second Hand Laptop Power Supples


Second Hand Card Readers


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