Computer maintenance

General maintenance is undoubtedly the best way to prolong the life of your computer. Probably the number one cause of hardware problems is overheating. This is normally due to the cooling fans being totally blocked. Something that could be avoided with a little bit of regular attention. Often though it’s a case of out of sight out of mind.

What follows is a series of photos from actual jobs we have done, either repairing or preventing damage caused from overheating.

We suggest getting your pc or laptop serviced at least once a year at first, then after each subsequent service we can recommend how often to bring it back based on how bad it was on the last job. For some people once a year is not enough but for others it’s way too much.

Of course we check more than just hardware, sometimes it’s software issues that need attending to. Each job is different. Each job is unique to the user.

Blocked and overheating cpu fans in laptops are the worst. With limited space available for heat to escape, a blocked cpu will quickly start to cause other problems. If your laptop always seems to get really hot, so hot that it’s uncomfortable to have it sitting on your lap for too long, then you may have a blocked cpu fan.

Under the worst case, your laptop will suddenly reboot or begin to lock up. It’s a sure sign you have problems.

Save money from being spent unnecessarily from failing laptops by getting yours looked at. Even if it’s just once, it’s an eye opener as to the condition of your cpu fan.

Unlike a pc your laptop’s fan is located directly under the case – right where the dust is. It’s like little vacuum cleaner sucking up dust from your table or desk.

Computer maintenance

Here’s one of those before and after shots of some computer maintenance we did. The customer brought the computer in because it was running really noisy and every time they did anything big ( like gaming etc ) it would lock up and reboot.

Turns out the cpu was overheating because it was badly blocked up. What we did was dismantle the leptop, remove the motherbaord and then the fan, clean the heat sink, remove and replace the thermal paste, reseat the heatsink and put the fan back in place and then reasemble the laptop. Now, the fan is cooling the cpu like it was designed to do, it makes a lot less noise and the computer doesn’t randomly reboot.

Computer maintenance

Gamers will appreciate this one. The video card has on it what is called a GPU and unlike a cpu which is the engine for your pc, the GPU is the engine for your video card.

Any good video card will generate a lot of heat when it is mid game, but the trouble with that is this, like the main cpu if it overheats it will quickly lead to burn outs and breakages.

During the process of computer maintenance we will clean any video card we find, ensuring your card has a longer life.

Any machine that has a graphics card installed will reduce the load on the main cpu, so it’s a common way of speeding up your computer and it’s way more common than you may think.

Computer maintenance

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