Laptop & P.C. Repairs

Don't write it off too quickly.
It may be cheaper to fix than you think.

Upgrades & Spare Parts.

Upgrade your existing P.C and save money.
Your data is safe, we even move that too.

Computer Maintenance

The best way to prevent breakdowns is by regular maintenance. Ask us for more information.

Web Design & Hosting

Cost effective web page and email hosting packages.
Save money, design and manage your own web page.

Voice Over Internet Protocol

With VOIP you can use your internet connection for making phone calls. You save heaps on line rental and call costs. Contact us for more info.

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Computer Repairs

We may have a lot to offer here in regards to accessories and parts, but what we do mostly is our services : At the end of the day we are primarily a repair centre.

Computer Upgrades

If you are looking for a range of accessories for your laptop or pc then look no further.


General maintenance is undoubtedly the best way to prolong the life of your computer. Probably the number one candidate for causing hardware problems is overheating. This is normally due to the cooling fans being totally blocked. Something that could be avoided with a little bit of regular attention. Often though it’s a case of out of sight out of mind.

Webpage Designs

WordPress, the server side software we use to create and manage your webpage design uses what is called wordpress themes to give you the wide variety of designs available. By keeping the page names and content in place you are able to change the whole look and feel of your webpage with a single click.


Looking back at what others have had to say.

Facebook Stories

Facebook stories, some funny, some sad, some just plain crazy... but for the most part interesting and helpful.

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